Company profile

Hansa Group under the Aegis of Hansa Pictures was established in 1947 in Bengaluru. The company is a reputed reseller/system integrator of AV – Broadcast – Lighting Equipment. It brings to the table over 60 years of experience in working with Audio Visual, Broadcast and Lighting equipment. We have a network of offices spread throughout Southern India (Chennai – Hyderabad – Vijayawada – Kochi – Coimbatore), in Mumbai and in Delhi. Hansa Group has also created a consulting office to help create BOM – Tender – Oversee execution. We are one of the dominant players in the market when it comes to Display – Public Address – Pro Sound (commercial & home) – Stage & Studio (Showbiz & Entertainment) Lighting – Cameras (Still – Video) and Accessories – Talkback and Intercom product and solutions – AVSI (Audio Visual System Integration) – Broadcast Integration (TV & Radio). Through our unmatched quality of services, Hansa Group has evolved into a brand to count on when it comes to AV – Broadcast – Lighting equipment requirements.

The environment at Hansa Group encourages and nourishes continuous development of key teams which is crucial when it comes to living-up to the demands of the market. We have a strong base for our network of online – direct sales teams to deliver solutions and take care of sales of products from all verticals of Hansa Group. We have a strong association with a core network of professionals who have been working in the AV Broadcast – Lighting domain for several years now. This network helps facilitate our internal human resources team and come up with timely solutions. We attribute the success of our group to our key team which consists of employees who have been with us for over two decades now.

One of the key strengths of our group is that the management and key players come from a single joint family. This has helped the group spread across different domains, flourish in all fields and establish a network of offices across Southern India and other major Indian cities.

Our customer list extends from a group of WHO’s who in Government – Public Sector Units – Defence – Research – Education (K12-University) – Corporate – Manufacturing – IT – ITES (BPO & Call Centres) – Hospitality – Training Institutes – Individuals (Professionals & Home).