Hansa Group is driven by motives to achieve growth in all verticals, gain greater hold in the present market and enter new geographic territories to explore the markets there. With these motives, we have set the following goals.
Within the next 5 years, we aim to be one of the top-ten players AVSI – Broadcast SI – Online AV Broadcast Sales Space.
We aim to become the market leader in acoustics space.
Become a player to reckon with in BMC projects space.
Work towards creating avenues to enter neighboring markets namely Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and explore the potential.


Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art solutions in all our products and services. We focus on setting new quality standards and benchmarks which help us upgrade our services and technology continuously.


  1. Our customer centric objectives and the urge to explore new possibilities are the driving force of the company
  2. Gain greater market share by working towards customized solutions based on client needs
  3. Exploring new possibilities
  4. Work towards creating opportunities in overseas market
  5. Conduct market surveys and develop new products
  6. Establishment of Satellite uplink & downlink Systems for TV Channels & also for Distance Education
  7. Setting up and maintaining Operations and Broadcasting centers
  8. Focus on quality improvement and customer satisfaction through customized services
  9. Training & Placement of Broadcast Professional
  10. Design, development and manufacture of specialized broadcast equipment

Key Objectives in Every Project

  1. Every project that we work on is an opportunity for us to deliver the best and achieve customer satisfaction
  2. Maintain the highest quality standard
  3. Create solutions which are tailor-made and cost-effective to fit every customer’s unique requirements
  4. Established review, feedback, and monitoring network to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness and to ensure adherence to total quality continuously and focus on timely completion of the project
  5. Independence from suppliers in order to select appropriate equipment in customer’s best interest
  6. Keep abreast of technical advancements and their practical utility to broadcasters
  7. Achieve customer satisfaction and build relationships based on brand trust